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I have just implemented a feature which for me seems like a bug, when adding a new column 'Approved' to users table in devise authentication, I got that even admin has to be approved. That mean my admin can't login to the system :)

Is it how things work with this feature? Any other solutions?


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Do something like this in your User model.

  # Devise overrides
  def disapprove 
    self.approved = false 
  def approve 
    self.approved = true 
  def active_for_authentication? 
    super && approved? 
  def inactive_message 
    approved? ? super : "Your account has not been approved" 
  # end Devise overrides

The inactive_message contents will be passed on to the Rails flash object. Make sure approved is false by default.

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Great answer .. thanks a lot! – Tigraine Jan 12 '12 at 8:44

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