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I have to implement my own SPClaimProvider for PeoplePicker. There are some methods to override. Problem: I can't figure out some methods/parameters usage. All of these methods are claims specific.


  • method FillClaimValueTypes. What is claim value type? What doest it mean?
  • method FillSearch, parameters hierarchyNodeID, searchTree - what this all is about? How can I use this?

Got ideas?

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Have you had a chance to check out these articles? How to create a claims provider Claims Walkthrough: Writing Claims Providers for SharePoint 2010

for FillClaimValueTypes - just a list that must match order of FillClaimTypes as well. This is what your provider adds in terms of claims. The type is a namespace, ie. such as http://mystuff/claims/myspecialclaim - it's a distinguishing identifier.

Check out this to see what methods are called by which process in your farm Know what process is calling your Claim Provider

There are other samples out there. Nancy Brown has a good series:

Custom Claims Providers: Hierarchical Claims - Part 1, background

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Thanks for additional links! –  lak-b Jul 1 '11 at 8:48

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