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I want an encoding function that can support unicode and works in both asp and I will create an encoded url in asp but I want to decode this url in How do I do that?

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Asking what was essentially the same question several times was extremely rude. Don't do that. – Joel Coehoorn Nov 18 '11 at 14:42

I challenge the premise. Building the same function for classic asp and is a very bad idea, because already has functions to handle urls correctly:


You can't use these functions from your asp classic code, but it would be insane to use anything other than these function in

Don't worry about encoding on one side and decoding on the other. Url Encoding is standard. If you encode your function properly from classic asp (ie: use Server.UrlEncode()), the built-in Url Decoder for ASP.Net will be able to read it.

Now, for completeness, there are actually a few differences for the built in methods between the two platforms. But they work in your favor here: a url encoded by classic asp's built in function will still be decoded correctly by's built in function.

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