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I am having trouble when refreshing ZedGraphControl. Basically, what happens is that the scale gets messed up when I refresh the graph with completely new values. Sometimes it becomes too small, sometimes too big. Here is what I do when refreshing:


When the scale gets messed up, I need to RightClick->SetScaleToDefault to fix the view, but sometimes it still messes up. When working with a clean graph (first run) however, all is good.

Any tips how to work around this?

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after refreshing the values.

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Nope, sorry, that didnt work :( Thanks though – user488792 Jun 30 '11 at 13:02

Try this:


WherezgcControlAmp.GraphPane can be replaced with whatever GraphPane you are working with. (This is the same function that occurs when you RightClick->SetScaleToDefault)

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