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I was integrating the barcode scanner app for blackberry using zxing. I am able to create cod file using the build.xml(provided with the zxing package on google code) via command line. But when I add the complete code to a project and build it using eclipse it gives me error as javame module not found. So I have added the javame.jar to the project properties export section(Clicked the javame.jar checkbox). But then I am unable to launch the application. It gives packaging application failed.

Do I need to only build it with the ant or is there a possible way where I can incorporate the zxing package inside my application.


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Just add the source package to your application instead - don't use a compiled library. I seem to remember there's a single line that needs editing on BlackBerry (something to do with deleting the image taken by the camera, if it throws an exception just comment it out)

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Thanks Jonathan. But so I have added the complete package(ie rim folder) and removed the javame.jar then it gives me an error as unable to find, etc. So how should I eliminate these then ? – nilMoBile Jun 27 '11 at 17:23
Finally did it by adding both core and javame packages. Don't know if its proper way do it. – nilMoBile Jun 27 '11 at 19:31

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