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There is manual Test case. We need to check the following.


Check Promo Links.

Expected Results

Up to four links are displayed at the bottom of the app. The links are divided by bars "|"

HTML Code ..

< html> < div class="xxx-module-content"> < div class="xxx-content-block"> < div style="float: left; margin: 0pt 10px 15px 0pt; padding: 0px;"> < img alt="South Miami" style="border: 0px none;" src="" title="South Miami" height="97" width="130" >< /a> < !-- BR -->< img src="" title="xxx Weather" height="16" width="125" >< br>< !-- BR -->< br>< !-- BR -->< a title="South Miami" href="" from="hp_xxx" >South Miami< /a>< br>< !-- BR -->Photo shot from Key Biscayne looking at Miami< br>By: Jimperdue21< br>< div style="clear: both; width: 100%; margin-bottom: 15px;">< a title="Submit Photo" from="hp_xxx" href="" >Submit Your Photo< /a>  |  < a title="Submit Video" from="hp_xxx" href="" >Submit Your Video< /a>< /div> < /div> < /div>

Please suggest what logic should be used here through JAVA+selenium RC.

Thanks a lot.

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you can do this in number of ways. [ you did not give enough info.]

do you want to check the no. of Links ? or the links with particular Text ?

according to my understanding, you just wanted to count whether minimum of 4 links displayed at the bottom or not(text doesn't matter)

  • you should not depend on "|" devider. this comes under styling/formatting (if you want do the testing based on "|" character, you can do. but it is not usual)

  • you should find out a) are all the links you want to check have ant Id's / names declared : if so you can look for it straight. if not,

    b) all of the links have the same parent with ID or Name or Any Particular Tag: if so, make use of

String numberOfLinks = selenium.getEval("var parent = window.getElementsById('parent tag Id');parent.getElementsByTagName('a').length");// gives no.of links in that particular parent (usually a tage) element.

selenium.getEval("window.getElementsByTagName('parent tag name');") //use this also same as above.

another approach : 1) for(String link : selenium.getAllLinks() ) { //returns all the links on the current page //here you could do according to your app. requirement. ex... }

---if you want to check the links(not the number of links), better use that with Text as you know that text.

selenium.isElementPresent() or selenium.isTextPresent(); above you can use Locator either ID if not "link=text"

i hope one of these will help you . if not post your code (HTML)

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Thank you very much @Surdarshan for your great help. I am providing the HTML source in the question above, could you please give the same example on the basis of html given. If I have check separator “|” what is the way then. – smriti Jun 28 '11 at 4:46
if you wanna see out put of html.please remove the all extra spaces < html tags> to <html tags> and save as .html file. Thanks again – smriti Jun 28 '11 at 6:07

Use isElementPresent with appropriate locators on all four links.

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