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I have compiled a Debug-Version of my application in one folder. There are now all dll's, pdb's and the exe with the pdb. I have now created a MiniDump of my running application started out of this path with Taskmanager. Now, I can open this dmp-File in Visual Studio 2010. But when I try to debug, there will be a message, that the symbols could not be found. I have added the path to my symbols (pdb) to the symbol-paths in visual studio - but with no success. I have also try to load the symbols over the ContextMenu of the modules. It is searching there for MyApp.pdb and I have selected the correct pdb. But I get the message A matching symbol file was not found in this folder.

What can I do to make post mortem debug of my MiniDump with Visual Studio 2010 (so it will find my symbols)?

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  1. Do your pdb's and dll's have the same timestamp? Are they both recreated when you rebuild?

  2. Try using chkmatch to ensure your dll and pdb match.

Use chkmatch this way: chkmatch -c MyApp.exe MyApp.dll

The output should look something like this

Debug information file:
Format: PDB 7.00
Signature: {ef4bc52f-0161-4e0a-8654-cc1368d7a8a6} Age: 1

Result: Matched

You shouldnt need to set the symbol path if your pdb's are in the same location as the exe you are dumping.

Are you on .NET 4?

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@wal - yes they have the same timestamp. chkmatch gives me the result Debug information file: Format: PDB 7.00 Signature: {0c98df34-162a-4fed-ab4a-2f241f7d1ffc} Age: 1 Result: Matched Yes, I use .NET 4. The application, which I try to debug is a x86-Application. The machine is a x64 Machine with Visual Studio 2010 Premium and Windows 7. Could this be a problem? – BennoDual Jun 27 '11 at 12:23
@t.kehl very strange indeed! got the latest VS service packs? Not sure what to suggest now; I have just tried what you are trying with a temporary project and it works ok for me. Do you want to send me what you've got (pdb, dll and dmp files) ? – wal Jun 27 '11 at 12:26
@t.kehl If you are debugging an x86 application then you need to use Debugging Tools for Windows to get a 32bit dumpfile. VS should alert you of this when you open the DMP file however – wal Jun 27 '11 at 12:28
@wal - Yes, I have the latest ServicePack and I am using .NET 4 (I have written this in the first comment ;-). I can send you my dmp and the starting exe with the pdb. Is this enough, that you can test on your side? I can upload this on my DropBox. – BennoDual Jun 27 '11 at 12:30
@t.kehl you need to install the 32bit version of debugging tools for windows. ie, and then create a dumpfile using windbg, follow this link:… – wal Jun 27 '11 at 12:32

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