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I'm trying to format a date to look this way : "day mm/dd/yyyy" for that I'm using something like : "dddd, " + dateFormatInfo.ShortDatePattern The thing is ShortDatePattern does seem to be spécific to the curent culture info. for example i'm getting : fr_FR : Lundi 27/06/2011 gb_GB : Monday 27/06/2011 when it should be Monday 06/27/2011 I hope I'm beeing clear.

[Update] I wanted the string to update automatically between "dd/mm/yyyy" and "mm/dd/yyyy" depending on the current culture and i thought ShortDatePattern didn't do the trick but it actually does! its just that in en_GB its still "dd/mm/yyyy" [/update]

DateTime date;
date.ToString("dddd, " + CurrentCultureInfo.DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern);

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If you always want the date pattern to be MM/dd/yyyy, then specify that:

string format = "dddd, MM/dd/yyyy";

Note that the "/" part is also locale-specific; if you want it to always be a forward-slash, you should escape it:

string format = "dddd, MM'/'dd'/'yyyy";

If that's not what you were looking for, please update your question to make it clear exactly what you're doing (with sample code), the result you're getting, and the result you want.

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The OP wanted dd/MM/yyyy not MM/dd/yyyy. See my answer above. –  Chris Snowden Jun 27 '11 at 12:07
@Chris: The last sentence includes: "when it should be Monday 06/27/2011" - in other words, month first. Likewise: "I'm trying to format a date to look this way : "day mm/dd/yyyy"" –  Jon Skeet Jun 27 '11 at 12:08
sorry you are right. I was looking at the title of the question being dd/mm/yyyy which is obviously the current output rather than desired output. –  Chris Snowden Jun 27 '11 at 12:11
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You can use the following:

DateTime date;
date.ToString("dddd, MM/dd/yyyy");
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