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can anyone help out this issue. i have two pie chart in different page .the scenario is when user login the page the chart would showed with given value,then when admin login the page,it should show another specific value but the graph should be call only once.so that the value only should change respectively

i has mentioned the code below

function pie() {
            * These are not angles - these are values. The appropriate angles are calculated
var pie1 = new RGraph.Pie('pie1', [69,22,9]); // Create the pie object
<!-- pie1.Set('chart.variant', 'donut');-->
pie1.Set('chart.labels', [ '764,617(69%)','241,447(22%)', '98,139(9%)', ]);
pie1.Set('chart.gutter', 45);
pie1.Set('chart.title', "WASTE STREAM QUANTITY");
pie1.Set('chart.shadow', false);
pie1.Set('chart.tooltips.effect', 'contract');
pie1.Set('chart.tooltips', [

pie1.Set('chart.highlight.style', '3d'); // Defaults to 3d anyway; can be 2d or 3d

if (!RGraph.isIE8()) {
pie1.Set('chart.zoom.hdir', 'center');
pie1.Set('chart.zoom.vdir', 'up');pie1.Set('chart.labels.sticks', true);
pie1.Set('chart.labels.sticks.color', '#aaa');
pie1.Set('chart.contextmenu', [['Zoom in', RGraph.Zoom]]);

pie1.Set('chart.linewidth', 5);
pie1.Set('chart.labels.sticks', true);
pie1.Set('chart.strokestyle', 'white');


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what library are you using? –  Daniel A. White Jun 27 '11 at 12:08
javascript--sudarshana –  sudarshan achar Jul 26 '11 at 8:50

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