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I have quite a large piece of code, that works well in a development version, with many assert() in the code. I disabled assertions with -DNDEBUG directive passed to g++, and now my code breaks with seg. fault. Is there something I don't know about assert()?

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The most common issue with assert to my knowledge is having code with side effects within the assert itself. When you compile with -DNDEBUG asserts are essentially commented out, and thus code inside the assert isn't executed. The assert man page mentions this in the bugs section:

       assert()  is implemented as a macro; if the expression tested has side-
       effects, program behavior will be different depending on whether NDEBUG
       is defined.  This may create Heisenbugs which go away when debugging is
       turned on.
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To resolve that problem, use VERIFY rather than ASSERT for code with side effects, e.g. see here. – Kerrek SB Jun 27 '11 at 12:28

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