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How to create LoginScreen in UIViewController ? It should appear like UIAlertView after tapping a button.

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Did you try with yourself ? –  Jhaliya Jun 27 '11 at 12:32

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Since iOS 5, you can add a text field or a pair of text fields to a UIAlertView by modifying its alertViewStyle property.

There are four different options for alertViewStyle:

 UIAlertViewStyleDefault = 0,          // No text fields
 UIAlertViewStyleSecureTextInput,      // A single text field with secure input
 UIAlertViewStylePlainTextInput,       // A single text field with plaintext input
 UIAlertViewStyleLoginAndPasswordInput // A pair of text fields, one with plaintext and one with a password

To access the text fields, you call textFieldAtIndex: on the UIAlertView instance. According to the documentation, the indices begin with 0.

Legacy answer, before iOS 5.0:

If you are looking to present a UIAlertView with a textbox, this is not supported in iOS in any public API, although you could walk the view hierarchy and add your own textbox.

Alternatively, create a new UIViewController subclass and present it modally. Then, you can check the values when the view is dismissed.

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that worked... thanks a lot.. –  Surjit Joshi Jun 28 '11 at 4:53
This answer is not valid anymore! Please consider Tilo's answer (using UIAlertView with UIAlertViewStyleLoginAndPasswordInput) –  Mike Keskinov Feb 27 at 18:45
Good call, thanks for the shoutout. –  Moshe Feb 27 at 19:51

As of iOS5, UIAlertView now supports a login screen using the Alert Style UIAlertViewStyleLoginAndPasswordInput.

C.f. UIAlertView Class Reference

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Have a look at this link, and add username, password fields to UIAlertView.

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thats nice tutorial.. thanks. –  Surjit Joshi Jun 28 '11 at 4:54

You can subclass UIAlertView and add UITextFields to it and define a designated initializer like this:

 - (id)initWithTitle:(NSString *)title message:(NSString *)message
 cancelButtonTitle:(NSString*)cancelButtonTitle otherButtonTitle:(NSString*)otherButtonTitle { }

inside this method initialize your textfields and add those as subView to your view (subclassing UIAlertView).

Hope it helps you.

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