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I am facing a very strange problem in one of my programs. I have a TSQLConnection followed by two TSQLQUery, TDataSetProvider, TClientDataSet and TDataSource. Its a Master-Detail structure.

The TDataSource of the detail query has an additional column with one lookup property of the master query. (Think of something like 'ProductID, ProductName, GroupName' where GroupName comes from the master query)

Then I have a DBGrid which has the TDataSource of the detail query as Source. It diplays most parts correctly, but the field that is a lookup from the master-query, sometimes does not show. Sometimes means in this case, i scroll down in the DBGrid, and up again, then its gone. I scroll down and up one more time, and its shown.

For debugging I added a TDBLookupComboBox with the same source as the DBGrid, but the ComboBox always shows the correct value for this field.

Thanks for any help on this problem.

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Try changing the LookupCash property of the lookup column to true, I think this will solve the problem.

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