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I need to make a MovieClip rotate around it's center point to the left or right depending on mouse drag. I got some basic semblance of what i want going, but it's pretty hackish. Normally i calculate the angle and such but i only really need to use the distance the mouse travels and apply it to the movieclip and for flavor add some nice easing when you let go.

public function Main()
        var wereld:MainScreen = new MainScreen();
        addChild( wereld );
        wereld.x = -510;

        planet = wereld["planet"];

        wereld.addEventListener( MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, startRotatingWorld );
    private function startRotatingWorld( e:MouseEvent ):void
        m_mouseStartPos = stage.mouseX;

        stage.addEventListener( MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, stopRotatingWorld );
        stage.addEventListener( Event.MOUSE_LEAVE, stopRotatingWorld);
    private function applyRotationToWorld( e:MouseEvent ):void
        //Calculate the rotation
        var distance:Number = (m_mouseStartPos - stage.mouseX) / 10000;
        //apply rotation
        planet.rotation += -distance //* 180 / Math.PI;
    private function stopRotatingWorld():void
        stage.removeEventListener( MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, applyRotationToWorld );   
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here is source and demo of a potential solution for you:

I based the drag rotation detection on keith peter's minimalcomps, specifically the source for his knob component

In the Minimal Comp's Knob source, you can get rotational, horizontal, and vertical movement in the 'onMouseMoved' function.

Finally I used TweenLite to handle the easing back. In my code I Tween the 'this' object, but in practice you should create a public value in the object you are tweening and tween that item, so you can have more that one item tweening easily.

If this is for a public facing project, let me know when you've implemented it; wouldn't mind taking a look on what it is for ^_^

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I found another solution that I implemented. If you want i could show it to you. However your answer is pretty good as is your solution so i'll set it as solved :) – Zophiel Jul 1 '11 at 15:50

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