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What would be a good place to go to understand arrows? Ideally, I am just looking for some place with a concise definition with motivation from some good examples, something similar to Wadler's exposition on monads.

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It would be useful if you could make the question title a little clearer. Perhaps, "Exposition on Arrows in Haskell" –  Andrew Harmel-Law Sep 15 '08 at 18:57

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I found Hughes' original paper ("Generalizing Monads to Arrows") to be fairly accessible. You can read an older draft of it here. It has some differences from the original paper, which are noted on the bibliography page of Ross Patterson's own overview of Arrows.

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If you learn better from practice than theory, try using HXT for XML manipulation, or PArrows for general parsing. They both have APIs centered around arrows.

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Where did the PArrows site go? –  Dario Mar 31 '10 at 13:57
@Dario hackage.haskell.org/package/PArrows seems to be the only source now, without maintainer. :-( –  ephemient Mar 31 '10 at 14:20

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