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We use Selenium IDE to record the test. In the recorder we can change the speed execution and our tests pass. We should set the speed to SLOW.

I use ANT for launch the HTML Suite test.

The problem is that we have to set the execution speed of the test.

Which is the right parameter for setting this property? Exist something for setting it?

<target name="run-selenium-tests">
    <echo message="Using browser = ${browser} "/>
    <taskdef resource="" classpathref="class.path">
    <java jar="${acceptance.test.lib.dir}/selenium-server-standalone-2.0rc3.jar" fork="true">
        <arg line="-htmlSuite ${browser}"/>
        <arg line="http://myserver:8080/"/>
        <arg line="../sampletest/selenium/my_test.html"/>
        <arg line="../sampletest/selenium/report/results.html"/>
        <arg line="-timeout 1000"/>

Can anyone help us?


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You can use following selenium command for slowing the speed of Execution

    setSpeed(value in milliseconds)

This command will wait for the specified value after each exection of command.

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