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I'm getting unhandled exceptions while debugging a Mono application in Visual Studio as part of the Mono Tools for Visual Studio. The popup looks like:


I really want to be able to debug this exception, but none of the details about the exception are being captured. Additionally, if I try...catch around the line that throws the exception, the popup still occurs rather than the catch block.

I've seen this behavior occur with Mono Tools before. How do I work around it?

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I'm afraid you won't get much support on StackOverflow, you either have to file a bug on Novell's bugzilla (yes, Mono is still using it - for now at least, even though development moved to Xamarin) or emailing monotools@novell.com , as detailed on Mono Tools support page. There's also a Mono Tools forum where someone might have encountered this problem as well. Previously I received fast response going through the bugzilla route, even though I also initially did not have a clean bug reproduction scenario.

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