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There is a tutorial on Casbah:

But I find it hard to follow the tutorial as I am still learning Scala.

All I wanted to find out how to do simple CRUD operations using Casbah to begin with before I can go more advanced.

Given below domain models:

class Hotel (var name: String, var stars: Int, val address:  Address)

class Address(var street:String, var city: String, var postCode: String)

val address = new Address(street = "1234 st", city = "edmond", postCode = "1232234", country = "USA" )

  val hotel = new Hotel(name = "Super Nice", stars = 4, address =  address)

val address2 = new Address(street = "main st", city = "edmond", postCode = "1232234", country = "USA" )

val hotel2 = new Hotel(name = "Big Hotel", stars = 4, address =  address2)

Given above what Casbah code is to achieve these tasks?

(1) save both hotels in mongodb

(2) find all hotels that have stars equal to 4 or greater than 4. this should give me a list over which I can iterate

(3) find a hotel by the name "Super Nice" and change its name to "Ultra Nice"

(4) get addresses of all hotels and change country to lower case and save in database

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Did you manage to achive the tasks yet? – Christian Jul 1 '11 at 8:08
If you have done this, then it will be great if you could answer your own question. I'm sure there are a lot of newbies who would find such an example very helpful. – JacobusR Jul 4 '12 at 9:51
Some examples: – Tal G. Aug 20 '13 at 19:26

Here you can see how to insert data: Casbah wiki

If you want to directly save case classes (without needing a MongoDBObject) in MongoDB you should have a look at Salat and SalatDao: Salat presentation

In my opinion, the answers to question (2) - (4) can be found easily in the documentation of casbah and salat.

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