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We have an existing UI built with UIBinder whose ui.xml file contains the following hierarchy:

Multiple <span> or <a> separated by verbatim HTML (like | separators).

I need to replace one of the anchors with a listbox.

Is there a way to make this transition without replacing the div with an HTMLPanel and changing all the anchors to something else?

If I try to stick a gwt:ValueListBox or gwt:ListBox in there, I get an error message that I cannot mix the two. I also cannot have multiple children (such as a div and an HTMLPanel) under the UIBinder.

If my only option is to convert everything to widgets, what are the appropriate conversions for and items?

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why don't you add an HTMLPanel to the binder and then put your div and the rest of your HTML inside ? –  jonasr Jun 27 '11 at 14:47

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In UIBinder, HTMLPanel can contain HTML elements and GWT widgets, but HTML elements can only contain other HTML elements.

Just replace top-level div with HTMLPanel, then replace only a specific <a> anchor with gwt:ListBox.

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…and of course, in your Java code, you'd probably have to extends Composite and initWidget rather than extends Widget and setElement. –  Thomas Broyer Jun 27 '11 at 14:56

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