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I'm trying to get access to SBMediaController, but my app just crashes. My target is to stop any playing music app in background with [[[SBMediaController] sharedInstance] stop]

I use private headers to gain access to privateframeworks, and can use GSLockDevice() to lock the screen, so i think my import should be finde. I Noticed that there is no SpringBoard.framework in privateframeworks like GraphicServices.framework, could this be the problem? My error:

dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_SBMediaController
Referenced from: /var/mobile/Applications/D1CB0D98-1858-406C-AF4B 254BBEA7A73D/
Expected in: flat namespace
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I'm having the same issue trying to use UINibDecoder, because UIKit doesn't exist as a private framework either. – Eli Apr 4 '12 at 19:43

You cannot link with SpringBoard. You have to get the class at runtime using objc_getClass() like so:

SBMediaController *controller = [objc_getClass("SBMediaController" sharedInstance];

By the way, this will only work if your code is running in SpringBoard (aka a 'tweak' or a MobileSubstrate Extension). If your code is running in it's own app (which is your case), you should use the MediaPlayer framework provided by Apple.

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