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I have a 2d array with 24 columns and about 800 rows. Each column consist of values either 0 or 1. I would like to store this array in derby database. I used the XMLEncoder and XMLDecoder but when deserializing 5 arrays it takes about 5 seconds which is way too long. Any other method to store it in the database? I am using JAVA.

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Don't use XML for such huge data structures. Since all values are numbers, you can either use CSV (0,1,1,0,...) or some other, more compact String representation.

If the data is guaranteed to be always 0 and 1, you can also use a bit field. BitSet is not really useful because there is no String->BitSet converter, so you would have to write that yourself.

If you don't want that, try BigInteger.

That gives you large numbers which you can store in the database.

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