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I am working on printer driver. In this driver I am hooking to GDI calls such as DrvTextOut, DrvBitBlt … etc to get the drawing information. In this Renderer I am displaying a UI with combo box. I could display the UI and combo box.

But the problem is: when I hook to note pad, the drop down list in the combo box will display all the element i.e. it will display all the element without scroll bar. I tried to set the scroll bar height in the UI designer.

But if I hook to Microsoft Word, then drop down will list only 5 items with scroll bar. Please let me know how to limit the combo box height

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CB_SETMINVISIBLE lets you indicate how many items should be visible. (The MIN part sounds a little misleading according to the MSDN description.)

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Thanks for the replay, It worked. thank you very much. –  Umesha MS Jun 28 '11 at 6:08

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