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I would like , how to puts data in grid Panel when i clik on a tree's node ?

When , i clik on a node, it fires a itemclick events, i have model on parameters ... now, i want to "write" the data's model on my gridPanel. I want to had one line on my grid ! With a grid Panel, i must to use store , so i have tested with memory store who contains an empty data properties .. ! I thought , i can putting data on the fly in my grid ... maybe i can't !

I need helps, thanks a lot :) !

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To add data to a grid, you need to add the data to the grid's Store. There is a ton of documentation about adding new items, but you would do something like this:

var Item = grid.getStore().recordType;
var newItem = new Banner(
    // attributes of your newItem here
    // these would be the same as your Store

store.insert(0, newItem);

That would insert your new item as the first item in your store, and should automatically fire the grid to refresh. If it doesn't, you can manually fire a refresh by doing:


Documentation for Store. Take a look at the add() and insert() methods.

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Yes :) ! Without on extjs 4 i haven't got recordType method ! but when i click on the node i have a model, i need just to using insert method with the model parameters ! :) Thanks a lot for your well answer :) – Mepps Jun 28 '11 at 7:59

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