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I have a repo branch that i have mirrored in Launchpad that I am trying to setup a daily build. The problem is that the source directory of the package is a subdirectory in the branch. When building locally it's no problem because I can just change to that directory. However with launchpad's bzr-builder it does everything from the top directory in the branch.

My current build recipe is:

# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debupstream}-{revno}-{revno:packaging}
nest-part packaging lp:~szechyjs/kegbot/kegbot_debian debian debian

Ideally I would use lp:kegbot/pykeg but this is not possible in bzr.

Is there a easy way I can build the package in the kegbot/pykeg directory, by setting it up in my recipe or some kind of source directory variable in the rules file?

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Unfortunately the bzr-builder plugin currently doesn't support what you need.

In principle you could perhaps workaround it by making a branch of lp:pykeg that moves pykeg/ to the root of the tree, and moves the old root to ignored/. You could then add merge workaround lp:…/workaround-branch to your recipe. Unfortunately pivoting the root of a tree like that isn't especially easy either.

It would be worth filing a bug on Launchpad and/or bzr-builder about this use-case.

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i filed a bug on bzr-builder, it is being considered as a feature. –  Jared Jul 21 '11 at 2:28

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