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When using HTTP Components (java library for http) the response I get has ' displayed as Æ and - displayed as ȗ.

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Can you check the Content-Encoding response header and paste the value here? –  Pablo Fernandez Jun 27 '11 at 15:46
The content encoding is null. Am I supposed to set it when I make my request? –  Reflux Jun 27 '11 at 16:36
Oh, are you in control of both the server and the client? –  Pablo Fernandez Jun 27 '11 at 16:39
Just the client. But I have the exact same code in C# and I don't have this problem. –  Reflux Jun 27 '11 at 16:40
Let's handle this as an answer since writing in this tiny boxes makes me uneasy. If I don't help you I can always delete the question. –  Pablo Fernandez Jun 27 '11 at 16:44

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Ok, so basically you are getting a response without Content-Type from a server you are not in control of, and you're having encoding issues.

In java every string is internally handled as Unicode strings, despite the format they come in.

So I'm guessing your problem is where you are displaying this characters, either to the console or to a file.

The console will use the default charset to print the chars there. In my machine for example is MacRoman, not utf-8.

So what you need is to get the raw bytes from the response and do something like this:

System.out.println(new String(raw_byte_array, "utf-8"));

Also, this might shed some light in the matter:


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I am just displaying this to a console. –  Reflux Jun 27 '11 at 16:49
Content-Encoding is data compression. You mean charset. –  dan04 Jun 27 '11 at 16:51
@dan04, Indeed. @Reflux can you check the Content-Type property for the charset attribute? –  Pablo Fernandez Jun 27 '11 at 16:55
Well I know the character set is UTF-8 but I specified that when I converted the value to a string. EntityUtils.toString(response, "utf-8"); –  Reflux Jun 27 '11 at 16:55
Are you absolutely sure that the content is UTF-8? Note that from the javadocs on EntityUtils, the charset you pass as a parameter is used if no charset is found in the HttpEntity_ –  Pablo Fernandez Jun 27 '11 at 16:59

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