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currently, I have

 config.gem 'gem_name', :version => "0.1" 

but, i think that means at least this version.

How do I specify: exactly this version?

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I guess this isn't really an answer but the code you have written is for the exact version. If it was for 'at least this version' it would look like:

config.gem 'gem_name', :version => ">=0.1" 

And if you wanted to specify a range that your version would fall into, it would be:

config.gem 'gem_name', :version => ['>= 0.1', '< 1.1']
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I would use Bundler with Rails: http://gembundler.com/rails23.html

If you go the Bundler route, you can specify your exact version in your Gemfile.

If you decide not to use Bundler, you can also specify the gem version before you require the gem, instead of doing config.gem ...:

require 'rubygems'
gem 'gem_name', "= 0.1"
require 'gem_name'
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