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I am writing Ocaml code under Emacs. Currently, the indent style is like the following, that is, the code where a variable is defined by let is a little bit on the left of let.

let v = 5 in
  Printf.printf "v= %d\n" v

I also see some files written by others, when I open them, the indent style is that the code is in the same column as let:

let v = 5 in
Printf.printf "v= %d\n" v

I think the second style looks better, does anyone know where I could setup Emacs so that my Emacs takes the second style?

Thank you very much!

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look to the 'tuareg-in-indent' setting, that sets how much ident should be done (0 to disable) - you can customize it with M-x customize-variable...

P.S. you can also look to 'tuareg-let-always-indent' variable...

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thanks for your comment. I have added (setq tuareg-let-always-indent nil) to my .emacs, when I check M-x customize-variable, it shows off (nil) as expected. but still it follows the first style in my initial post... I don't know what is wrong... –  SoftTimur Jun 27 '11 at 19:33
I edited answer right after I sent it, pointing that tuareg-in-indent should be right answer - at least, it works in my installation... –  Alex Ott Jun 28 '11 at 6:25
(setq tuareg-in-indent 0) does work, thank you –  SoftTimur Jun 29 '11 at 15:51

You can also use ocp-indent which indents by default using the second style.

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