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I'm making an HTML5 game.

Is there anyway to provide the user with a button to make it full-screen? For any browsers.

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I'm not sure how the "quality standards" quote is relevant here. If your users want to view your HTML5 application in full-screen mode, they only need to press F11 (Windows) or choose the View->Fullscreen option in their browser's menu. – George Cummins Jun 27 '11 at 17:22
May help you out.… – sealz Jun 27 '11 at 17:22
You'll get a better response if you reword the question to be more constructive. – Davy8 Jun 27 '11 at 17:22
The problem is that flash games have a fullscreen button, but html5 games do that. That makes HTML5 apps second class citizens. – Harry Jun 27 '11 at 17:45
But it does seem impossible or else someone would've answered. – Harry Jun 27 '11 at 17:45
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I think the answer is yes:

Webkit fullscreen api seems like it's coming.

Very cool.

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Short answer: no.

Longer answer: WebKit has an experimental implementation of fullscreen, but only for the video element. Mozilla is looking at doing a spec where any element can be made full screen (see also), but no formal spec document has yet been produced, and there are no implementations.


Just a note, experimental implementations of the Full Screen API are now available in everything except IE.

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Well a video could be generated by JavaScript on the fly but this is not really the way OP though of I guess. :) – user142019 Jun 28 '11 at 11:56

Mozilla, Chrome and Safari now have a Javascript API to make an element full screen.

What one does to make an element full screen, is:


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