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I'm trying to set up a web server that will authenticate users using kerberos before displaying the page to the user. I've followed some online instructions but when I reach the webpage and type in my credentials, the page will just reload the login window again, and make me login again. If I hit cancel on the login window, it shows me a 401 Error page saying I am not authorized to access the page. It seems like my kerberos is not set up properly, but I have no way to tell. Any help would be appreciated

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Can you post last few lines of Apache error log. This will show why authentication failed. –  Shamit Verma Jul 1 '11 at 5:34

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What did you set up? You will require:

  1. mod_auth_kerb configured in apache
  2. a machine account for the server
  3. an exported keytab for the server
  4. a SPNEGO-capable client
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