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When I am using android on websites and reading emails, I notice that I can click on addresses to load into google maps, or click on phone numbers to call, or click on emails and send an email.

These elements on the web are formatted in a variety of ways, so there is some built in function that detects these sort of things.

How do I allow this within my app? I have a page which displays contact information in plain text and I would like the user to just be able to click.

Do I Absolutely need to create clicklisteners for each textview or is there a system function I just need to enable?

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Check out Linkify

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import android.text.util.Linkify;

Linkify.addLinks(text, Linkify.PHONE_NUMBERS);
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in textView in the xml layout file

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You can make Regular Expressions for each type of data you want to make clickable. I don't know exactly how phone number in your country look like. This is for matching phone numbers in my country. Eg:

String PHONE_REGEX = "([0-9]{3}[\\./ ]?(([0-9]{2}[\\./ ]?[0-9]{2}[\\./ ]?[0-9]{2})|({[0-9]{3}[\\./ ]?[0-9]{3})))"
String yourHTML = "This is my phone number: 053 12 34 56."
// Underline and make Bold
yourHTML = yourHTML.replaceAll(PHONE_REGEX, "<b><u>$1</u></b>");
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