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does anyone have an idea how to hide the hourglass icon when you execute an application from another?

E.g. App-A with pretty background screen starts App-B. While App-B is loading windows puts this ugly grey block with the rotating hourglass in the middle of App-A.

I have tried calling System.Windows.Forms.Cursor.Hide(); but that did not seem to deter windows. It is possible that I did not use it correctly. Any ideas most welcome.

TIA (Thanks in Advance),

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The fact you're calling it an "hourglass" indicates to me that this is not a Windows Mobile device but instead a generic CE device. Unfortunately the CF loader tells the OS to display the hourglass when it starts up and there is actually no way to prevent that from a CF perspective. You can remove the hourglass cursor altogether in the OS itself if you control the OS, but you can't prevent the CF from showing it if it's there.

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It would seem that ctacke is correct. It does not help to set the Cursor as the application does not have control while the process is being started. It makes sense that this is BSP (Board support package) level behaviour. You are correct that this is a CE device. –  EndsOfInvention Mar 17 '09 at 9:45

Did you try to set the Cursor.Current property to Cursors to Cursors.Default?

Here you can find the documentation for this property on MSDN and for the Cursor class here.

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Have you tried calling Cursor.Hide before App A starts App B and then unhiding it after the window finishes loading?

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