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I am trying to import products into various categories from a csv. to get the format for the csv I have exported an existing product, there is a column with the heading _category, however the only category id listed is 0.

I have put the correct category ID in the csv for upload, however on import it complains that the category doesn't exist.

is there anything likely to cause this?

Below is the dataflow actions XML, is there anything i should be putting in here to make sure the category is exported/imported?

<action type="dataflow/convert_parser_csv" method="parse">
    <var name="delimiter"><![CDATA[,]]></var>
    <var name="enclose"><![CDATA["]]></var>
    <var name="fieldnames">true</var>
    <var name="store"><![CDATA[1]]></var>
    <var name="number_of_records">1</var>
    <var name="decimal_separator"><![CDATA[.]]></var>
    <var name="adapter">catalog/convert_adapter_product</var>
    <var name="method">parse</var>
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I would suggest using this tool if you can afford it. http://www.mag-manager.com/

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we are mac based, but also just looking to be able to import categories from CSV, which is 99% there, it is just that it is not accepting categories. – MCannon Jun 28 '11 at 8:12
found that going into data flow profiles, selecting a profile and then running it produces different results than using the wizards, and imported the categories with it, long winded but solved. – MCannon Jul 9 '11 at 22:04

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