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my error message below, with a highlighted field is working perfectly. Except now the powers that be want a different functionality. Currently the error messaging highlights the field with a red border, and on focus the border is removed. However, now the powers that be want the red highlighting to persist until the user hits submit onclick="return formSubmit()"

I've tried using a .submit function (removing the unbind and remove focus from the .focus function, but the red highlighting persists regardless.

<!--Jquery function to override JS alert with DOM layer alert message-->
function customAlert(inputID,msg){
   var div = $(".errorPopup");
   if (div.length == 0) {
     div = $("<div class='errorPopup' onclick='$(this).hide();'></div>");
        $(this).unbind('focus'); // remove this handler
               .parent().removeClass("alertRed"); // undo changes
        $('.errorPopup').hide(); // hide error popup

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Why you don't just remove the whole focus bind. –  Prusse Jun 27 '11 at 20:19

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Not sure I understand you. If not please tell me, but can't you just do:

$('.theform').submit(function() {

  $('input', this).removeClass('CO_form_alert').parent().removeClass('alertRed');

  return false;

Why do you need to unbind?

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unfortunately, the above is not working. The popup is not hiding, and the alertRed class is persisting –  Jason Jun 29 '11 at 13:22
Can you please post the relevant HTML? –  PeeHaa Jun 29 '11 at 16:07
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I was so narrow minded in my looking for a solution above - trying to tie the removeClass with the form submit (which had to many actions tied into it and would have been overly complicated).

Instead, I just did a remove class at the beginning of the error checking:

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