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I am using Inno Setup to generate the installer of my application. How can set the version number of the setup.exe (VersionInfoVersion) generated by Inno to match with the version number of my application automatically? Now every time I deploy a new version of my application I need to update the version number manually.

Now I'm doing this:

VersionInfoVersion= //writting the value manually

I want something like this:

VersionInfoVersion={Get the version of my app}
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You can use the Inno Setup Preprocessor GetFileVersion function like this

#define ApplicationName 'Application Name'
#define ApplicationVersion GetFileVersion('Application.exe')
AppVerName={#ApplicationName} {#ApplicationVersion}
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Does this have any dependencies? I can't get it to work in my script. It just says "The [Setup] section must include an AppVersion or AppVerName directive". Even though I have AppVersion={#MyAppVersion} in my [Setup] section. Works fine if I set the MyAppVersion variable by hand, but not if I use the code above. – NickG Jun 3 '13 at 10:27
Oh it seems I needed to put in the complete path to my exe... not just the name of the exe as in the example. – NickG Jun 3 '13 at 10:34

In case you have a pure webinstaller, the accepted solution won't work, because you simply won't have an application.exe to get the version number from.

I'm using Nant and a build.xml file with version number properties, which i manually bump, before i'm rebuilding the innosetup installers.

My *.iss files contain a special token @APPVERSION@, which is replaced with the version number during the build process. This is done via a copy operation with an applied filterchain, see below.

InnoSetup Script (*.iss)

// the -APPVERSION- token is replaced during the nant build process
#define AppVersion "@APPVERSION@"

nant build.xml:

<!-- Version -->
<property name="product.Name"           value="My Software"/>
<property name="version.Major"          value="1"/>
<property name="version.Minor"          value="2"/>
<property name="version.BuildNumber"    value="3"/>
<property name="product.Version" 

<!-- build task -->
<target name="bump-version"
        description="Inserts the current version number into the InnoScript.">
        <copy todir="${dir.Build}" overwrite="true">
            <fileset basedir="${dir.Base}/innosetup/">
                <include name="product-webinstaller-w32.iss"/>
                <include name="product-webinstaller-w64.iss"/>
                    <token key="APPVERSION" value="${product.Version}"/>
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