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In the following way I can format the data when I assign to the object:

def cost=( w )
    super w.gsub( ",", "." ).gsub( /[^0-9\.]/, "" ).to_f

Is there a simple way to do it the other way? I mean that when I get the price from the database automatically formats the data like in the example above?

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Sure. In your view just use number_with_delimeter, e.g.:

<%= number_with_delimiter @record.cost %>

This assumes you have your Rails locale set to the appropriate local for the formatting you want to use. Otherwise you can force a local, e.g.:

<%= number_with_delimiter @record.cost, :locale => :fr %>

By the way, you could do this in your model by overriding cost, e.g.:

def cost
  some_formatting_method self[:cost]

...but that would be breaking with MVC principles. It's best, as I said, to do this in your view, with the built-in helpers.

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Thx for your reply. Method with the price I used only as an example. If I wanted to do other operations on the number or string then the helper "number_with_delimeter" is not useful. I'll try to test your second idea with overriding in the model. –  Debian Jun 28 '11 at 6:26
Debian: Rails makes it very easy to write your own helpers. Give it a shot. –  Jordan Jun 28 '11 at 6:55

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