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I have to develop my own IRC Server for a project for school. School does not require much and all i have to show them is a functioning irc server which accepts multiple connections and actually performs the basic tasks such as opening a room, chatting, banning ..

I developed my own IRC bot when i was younger but building the irc server is much harder, as i do not have time to make my own research or read the whole RFC of the IRC Server protocol.

so the special is, do you know any sites/tutorials/articles that describe in short the irc server protocol, so i could develop a basic irc server without reading a whole RFC?

I know it might piss off some people that i do not actually want to study the protocol but just kind of "copy" it for my school project. this is not the case, i do want to study it as i studied a lot of protocols, and i will. Right now i do not need to understand it, i just need something working for my project, or i will be left without a grade.

share|improve this question really isn't that bad, and you really only need to read the relatively short section 4. – barrycarter Dec 19 '15 at 16:36

What language do you use?

Here is an working simple irc server written in java by Alex Boyd.

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you are my saviour. you just made someone's day around the globe. thank you very much, i do develop in java and that source code is perfect. any other solutions and (preferably) articles/totorials will be welcomed. – T4u Jun 27 '11 at 21:09

I see @jous has already answered your query.

For others who want to learn about IRC server development, here is a very good resource -

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