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I'm currently uploading an image with PaperClip and ImageMagick. I would like to get the image's average color so I'm doing this (with a before_create hook):

def get_average_color           
    img =
    pix = img.scale(1, 1)
    averageColor = pix.pixel_color(0,0)

This works but when I try to print the pixel colors out I get them like this:

red=36722, green=44474, blue=40920, opacity=0 

How can I get these RGB values into regular (0-255) RGB values. Do I just mod them? Thanks in advance.

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Your ImageMagick is compiled for a quantum depth of 16 bits, versus 8 bits. See this article in the RMagick Hints & Tips Forum for more information.

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This definitely helps. I ended up just dividing the RGB values by 257 (QuantumDepth 16 / QuantumDepth 8). –  dshipper Jun 29 '11 at 4:26
Maybe also look at the quantize method –  Yardboy Jun 29 '11 at 13:17
I tried that it didn't seem to work for some reason. –  dshipper Jun 29 '11 at 21:41

If ImageMagick is compiled with a quantum depth of 16 bits, and you need the 8 bit values, you can use bitwise operation:

r_8bit = r_16bit & 255;
g_8bit = g_16bit & 255;
b_8bit = b_16bit & 255;

Bitwise operation are much more faster ;)

You can use also this way:

IMAGE_MAGICK_8BIT_MASK = 0b0000000011111111
r_8bit = (r_16bit & IMAGE_MAGICK_8BIT_MASK)

Now a little bit of Math:

x_16bit = x_8bit*256 + x_8bit = x_8bit<<8 | x_8bit
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