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I have a domain class which has many of another domain class. I want any one of the children and don't care which. Example

class MyDomainClass {
  static hasMany = [thingies:OtherDomainClass]

I can do this the stupid way like:

def findOne

But is there a better way like:

def findOne = myInstance.thingies.grabTheMostConvenientOne()
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thingies is a Collection, so you have everything from Collection at your disposal.

A simple way you might do this is:

def one = myInstance.thingies.asList().first()

However, you probably want to make sure the collection actually has some elements first. The documentation doesn't explicitly say that first() throws an IndexOutOfBoundsException if the list is empty, but I have a feeling it still might. If that's the case, you probably want:

def one = myInstance.thingies.size() > 0 ? myInstance.thingies.asList().first() : null

Or, if you want to be super-concise at the expense of some readability, you can use this approach (courtesy John Wagenleitner):

def one = myInstance.thingies?.find { true }
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