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This question refers to the T-SQL compatible with MSSMS 2000.

Suppose the result set of a query Q always returns one column with 0, 1, or n records. I want a superquery W to return a value of 1 if the following conditions hold:

  1. Only one record was retrieved in the subquery Q
  2. The one record that was retrieved is 'c'

Q = SELECT DISTINCT status_code FROM Student

W(Q) = ?

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What should W return if the conditions do not hold? –  ypercube Jun 27 '11 at 23:20

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If Q is a general query and not necessarily the one in your question, the putting status_code instead of column will do:

       AND (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Q WHERE column='c') = 1
     THEN 1
     ELSE 0
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Try this:

select if(count(*)=1 and status_code='c',1,0) as W from Student

(If you have 2 rows with status_code='c', it will return 0. Is it the expected output ?)

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