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I want to send a sms message with the message body like "where am I?" when I click "where am I?", it will take me to the google map website with my location. My question is that how can I add this hyperlink in the "where am I?" message text? Is there any example that I can study?

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I think SMS is just for text. – Blender Jun 27 '11 at 23:38

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SMSes are text-only, and they only allow 160 characters. What you are suggesting would include 'where am I?' in the 160 characters but also somehow include a very long web address.

I think that most Android phones will parse a link and make it clickable though, even if it is in an SMS. I'm out of my country at present so can't test this. If that is the case, a possible solution would be "Where am I? www.linkgoesh.ere". It's not as elegant as what you're suggesting, but SMS is an extremely limited format.

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Thanks, I would try your sugestions! – Jim31837 Jun 27 '11 at 23:56
I got home and tested it, and yes, if you send an address (e.g., to an Android phone via SMS, the SMS application will parse it and allow it to be clicked, thereby opening the browser and visiting the address. Works on Desire anyway. – PROGRAM_IX Jun 30 '11 at 11:22

Try this code, it should resolve your issue.

String uri = ""+latitude +","+longitude;                                  
SmsManager smsManager = SmsManager.getDefault();
StringBuffer smsBody = new StringBuffer();
//long number = Long.parseLong(get_number);
smsManager.sendTextMessage(get_number, null, smsBody.toString(), null, null);
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It's customary to add some simple short explanation about the functionality of your code. – Hristo Valkanov Aug 1 '14 at 11:42

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