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I'm attempting to cache and read a user object via its api key. The use gets cached fine, and I can read the cache in the rails console, but for whatever reason doing the same exact in the rails app always returns nil.

Heres an example of what I'm doing. This is in a before_filter function.

def authKey
  key = params[:api]
  cu =

  #<do some logic>
  logger.debug("CACHING USER #{key}")
  Rails.cache.write(key, user)

The cu will always be nil, but the object will exist in memcache. Has anyone else run into this sort of problem? I'm using the dalli gem with compression enabled.

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I believe that rails caching is off by default for development and on in test and production. Check in config/environments/development.rb and see what config.cache_classes is set to...

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Caching is turned off by default for development environment. Adding 'config.action_controller.perform_caching = true' to config/environments/development.rb should fix the problem.

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This config only applies to caching in controllers, not Rails.cache as a whole. – nilbus Aug 7 at 15:33

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