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A little background: I was rendering some XML on the page using XSLT, but we decided to make it more interactive and so now I'm doing a jQuery.ajax call to return the XML, and I'm parsing it in JavaScript.

I've been able to extract particular nodes from it using code like

var qpPlanNode = $(xml).find('MyNode'); 
var qpPlanNum = $(qpPlanNode).children('PLANNUM').text();

And that gets the plan number into qpPlanNum. But in that XML I have something like


I would like to extract all the SOURCE nodes that have a particular value for TYPE. I can't find a simple jQuery selector that that will do that. In XSLT, I was doing <xsl:variable name="afterTaxSources" select="SOURCE[TYPE = 'AfterTax']"/>. What's the JQuery equivalent?

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I would probably use .parseXML()

var xml = "<xml><MyNode><PLANNUM>123</PLANNUM>    <SOURCE>      <TYPE>PreTax</TYPE>          <AMOUNT>1234</AMOUNT>    </SOURCE>    <SOURCE>      <TYPE>AfterTax</TYPE>          <AMOUNT>456</AMOUNT>    </SOURCE>    <SOURCE>      <TYPE>PreTax</TYPE>          <AMOUNT>234</AMOUNT>    </SOURCE>  </MyNode></xml>"

xmlDoc = $.parseXML(xml)
$xml = $(xmlDoc)
$source = $xml.find('TYPE:contains("AfterTax")').parent();


however, i cannot get this to work properly in a live example


should do it, however, I am having trouble getting a jsfiddle to work. it keeps seeing <MyNode> as the parent, however,

$('TYPE:contains("AfterTax")').css('text-decoration', 'underline');

works as expected, I would try this in something other than jsfiddle.


I think .parseXML() and :contains() are what you are looking for.

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I just stumbled on this one, which seems like it is working:

var pretaxSources = $(qpPlanNode).find('SOURCE:has(TYPE:contains("PreTax"))');

Does anybody see any reason why it wouldn't?

Even better, I can combine multiple types using

var pretaxSources = $(qpPlanNode).find('SOURCE:has(TYPE:contains("PreTax"),TYPE:contains("Employee"))');
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it looks good to me, and if its working go for it. It seems concise enough. –  matchew Jun 28 '11 at 0:44

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