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I have something like this:

td = '<td id = "someId"> Text <input type = "text" name = "someName" value = "someValue" onchange="textChange(' + "someId" + ')"></td>';

var tag = document.createElement("tr");
tag.innerHTML = td;

But the part:

"textChange(' + "someId" + ')"

is wrong because if i want to reference like this:


This is undefined.

How should I do it?

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That's because your td 'someId' don't have the property name. It's from your input text.

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Oh, my bad. I thought it was because this is dynamically generated html by javascript and is invisible on 'Ctrl U'. – proggix Jun 28 '11 at 3:54

It's hard to give you actual code, since you didn't give us actual code, but you are probably looking for something like onchange="textChange(this.parentNode.getAttribute('id'))"

That being said, this is not the best way to handle DOM manipulation. Have you considered looking into a JavaScript framework such as jQuery? These frameworks make tedious tasks like this very simple. The jQuery syntax would be something like $(this).parent().attr('id')

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