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I've come up with a strange, unelegant workaround for this, but here's the original question... final musings after the break:

It's been a while since I've posted on stackoverflow, but this has always been the best place for me to dump my programmings woes.

Here's my issue (only the necessary info):

I have an asp.net web app. In the web app, I have a "main.aspx" page. The main.aspx file consists of two main parts:

  • A custom UserControl for navigation which is included in the markup, (ie, not dynamically loaded) - no problems here.

  • A PlaceHolder control which is used to dynamically add a UserControl in the code behind, dependent on what is clicked in the navigation control. Note that this PlaceHolder is inside an UpdatePanel... These UserControls load fine and the state is persisted (finally!) - no problems here.

Now - here's the problem... Some of those dynamically loaded UserControls (placed in the PlaceHolder mentioned above) contain a CKEditor control for web-based HTML editing. The UserControl itself loads nicely - state is persisted, but the CKEditor control never shows... on creation of the UserControl I can set a watch and the CKEditor instance isn't null, but it just doesn't show up in the rendered HTML. If I move it in or out of UpdatePanels or anywhere within that dynamically-loaded UserControl, it's a no go. If, however, I take the CKEditor Control out of the UserControl and place it in any other non-dynamically-loaded control anywhere else in the web app, it shows up fine.

After trying some things out, it looks like this isn't just a problem with CKEditor - I tried using one of my own Navigation UserControl mentioned above instead of the CKEditor control and it has the same problem of not appearing.

Summary: Custom controls included in a dynamically loaded UserControl don't show up.

Anybody have any suggestions or wisdom to impart? Being relatively new to ASP.NET, I assume I'm missing something obvious. Let me know if you'd like to see some specific code.

It turns out that if the first dynamic UserControl that is loaded contains a CKEditor, then it works on all subsequent dynamic UserControls that get swapped in. If the first one loaded in doesn't have it, it doesn't pull up on the following ones - also, the IDs need to be the same across the different controls that use it. This all seems very strange to me - the workaround works fine, it just seems very unintuitive - is it something to do with the location in the page's life cycle that the CKEditor is created or some ViewState thing? Either way, it's working for now and I can move on. I remember now why I was more comfortable with non-web development!

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I thought that maybe it was an issue of having a UserControl within a UserControl, but that works fine. Stuck with dynamically-loaded-UserControls not displaying child UserControls. –  E Ludema Jun 28 '11 at 5:20
@E Ludema, there can be issue with CKEditor .NET wrapper. CKEditor is essentially a java-script based editor - so all .NET control would be doing is to generate appropriate script to initialize CKEditor js object. Now, script must be registered via ScriptManager when using with UpdatePanel and that can be the issue here. –  VinayC Jun 28 '11 at 6:25
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