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Suppose there are two processes, a parent and a child, which use the signal for synchronization. In the parent process, the function used to sync with child acts as below.

  while(sigflag == 0){ //sigflag will be set to 1 in a signal handler in the child process
    sigsuspend(&zeromask); //No signal is in the mask set

  //do sth....

My question is can we use pause() to replace the sigsuspend(&zeromask)?

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No. The posted code is only race-condition-free if the prevailing signal mask is blocking the signal that is sent by the child, and if that is the case then, since pause() will not change the signal mask, it would block forever.

The reason that the signal must be initially blocked is that otherwise, a signal could arrive in between the test sigflag == 0 and the sigsuspend(), which means the process would have missed the signal and get stuck.

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