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I have date picker and i want to set maximum date as TODAY date which will change daily.
For ex today's date is 28/6/2011 so maximum date is 28/6/2011 but when i use my app tomorrow it will be change to 29/6/2011.
How to set this?

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Set the maximumDate property in viewWillAppear: method like this,

datePicker.maximumDate = [NSDate date];

To deal with date change while the application is being used, get the time left till tomorrow and set an NSTimer to trigger off at date change and then update the UIDatePicker instance.

NSDate * tomorrow = [NSDate dateWithNaturalLanguageString:@"12 AM tomorrow"];
NSTimeInterval timeInterval = [tomorrow timeIntervalSinceNow];

/* Create an NSTimer to trigger a method to update the datePicker's maximumDate 
   after timeInterval */
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If you look in the documentation you will see that there is a property of UIDatePicker called maximumDate. If you then look at the documentation for NSDate you will see that the class method date returns an NSDate with the current date and time, therefore: `someDatePicker.maximumDate = [NSDate date]; will set the date picker to not allow any date (or time) later than that moment.

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