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I have a page which I am supposed to make accessible without too many changes.

One combo box in the page is coded so that on clicking upon an input box, the contents of a div are copied into an iframe element in the same page, and that iframe is made visible below the input box.

I added aria-live to the container iframe, and Jaws would read the iframe that forms the drop down whenever it came up, but how do i link up the two such that Jaws focus can be shifted to the iframe whenever it is made visible and not just reading it out as a dynamic update?

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I'm having a hard time understanding exactly how the UI is supposed to work based on your description. However, I can tell you that JAWS does not support aria-owns.

If you consult Freedom Scientific's documentation page, you'll find a Word document laying out JAWS' support for ARIA. It does not list aria-owns.

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Yes i did fin it out later.. Had a word with Freedom scientific tech team and they did not mention anything about this too. –  arunondeck Jul 4 '11 at 11:01

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