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I use \n to create a linebreak in web tooltip. This works in IE and in Chrome. But Firefox ignores it.

What will work universally as linebreak character in tooltip? Thanks.

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Update: This has been cleared up in HTML5 using the title attribute. Now Firefox 12 supports it. Try this:

<span title="First line&#10;Second line">Test</span>

Bad news: Firefox does not line break tooltips. This is actually a non-standard html extension, ie a bug in MSIE that may cause problem with certain pages.

See this bug on the firefox issue tracker.

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Update- Now working. See amurra's answer below. – Danny C Jul 9 '12 at 13:28
Thanks @DannyC. Updating my answer – vidstige Jul 10 '12 at 6:47

As of Firefox 12 they now support line breaks using the line feed HTML entity: &#10;

<span title="First line&#10;Second line">Test</span>

This works in IE and is correct according to the HTML5 spec for the title attribute.

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This works in mail messages %0A See these google results for more information.

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Firefox doesn't display multi-lines in tooltips.

Use tooltip script if you really want to customize it as you expected.

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