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I am using the awesome_nested_set gem and I have read somewhere (can't find it now) that all you need to do is add a level column to the database and it will add the level automatically.

It will create the level if I run


But I want it to do it when I create new ones.

I have tried the following too with no success.

before_save do
  self.level = ancestors.count


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I've just a similar problem, trying to access self_and_ancestors within a before_save callback.

The problem is that the child record hasn't been created yet at the DB level, but self_and_ancestors (which, incidentally, is also referenced by ancestors) queries the DB, expecting our new child to already have been created...



It's ugly, but as a work-around for this limiation of awesome_nested_set, this should work for the OP (provided the parent already exists):

before_save do
    self.level = self.parent.self_and_ancestors.count
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