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I'm using sshpass to pass the password non-interactive on ubuntu 11.04.

when I use sshpass with scp

sshpass -p '123' scp sayuj@ ~/Desktop/

it works fine

but it doesn't work with ssh

sshpass -p '123' ssh sayuj@

What could be the problem and how do I fix it?

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I found a solution:

The problem is that the new version of ssh client still has and old version of sshpass (from 2008 not changed).

You can find the patch here

sshpass source

All that you need is just patch the sources (just 1 line add and 1 little change), compile, and install (don't forget to remove package before).

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I'm experiencing the same hang on CentOS 6.7 using version 1.05 which is newer than the patched version mentioned - anybody else find the same? – Oly Jan 29 at 15:08

New sshpass version 1.05 works with the latest ssh client. It is included in the Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.

For older Ubuntu (or other Linux distros) you can get the sources from:

untar with:

tar xvzf sshpass-1.05.tar.gz


cd sshpass-1.05

and use the created binary sshpass.

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You can use rsync as mentioned below:

rsync --rsh="sshpass -p 123 ssh -l sayuj" ~/Desktop/

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The OP says that he can successfully copy files using scp. It is opening an SSH session that he can't do. – Ben Butler-Cole May 13 '14 at 19:41

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