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i am working on an app in android tablet. it takes some images from the memory (selected by the user) and then decodes them (resize) and add animations to each selected images. in the image below, you can see, at first, the image 1 is decoded and then the animation starts. the decoding is done in the background. the decoding time for each image is not in my hand, i cannot control it. sometimes it is 1 sec, sometimes 3 sec. if the decoding time is too long, then the animation stops and i have to wait (as in the case of image 6). how can i overcome this "waiting time"? enter image description here

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You could probably estimate the decoding time for each image by its size, so you could first estimate the decoding times. Based on that, you could decode enough images before running the animation so that there will be always a processed image to show next. –  prasopes Jun 28 '11 at 7:08
with the images of same size, it takes different time to decode. how could i estimate? i also cannot delay the start of the animation a lot. the user would expect it to start soon. so, before the animation starts, i can hardly decode more than 2 images. –  Sayak Jun 28 '11 at 7:13
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